Friday, July 19, 2013

Brunch Bridal Shower

It is officially wedding season for the Bone Family. Our youngest was in a wedding a few weeks ago, the girls and I are in my brother's wedding in August and another in October. My closet is more full of wedding related attire than it ever has been and likely ever will be again. I have piles of wedding projects all over the house and a saint of a husband who dosen't complain about the doilies and lace and and paper and fabric trails all over the place. And I love it.

For my sister in law, we had a bridal brunch complete with a yogurt bar, mimosa station and bagel buffet. It was great and a really simple, lovely way to celebrate their upcoming wedding. Because food is always my favorite way to celebrate anything. We made lovely flower arrangements thanks to inexpensive Trader Joe's blooms and the amazing talents of one of Laura's other bridesmaids who led us in creating gorgeous centerpieces. I made several garlands out of doilies and cupcake liners (and then forgot to get a good picture of them, doh!), set out vintage luncheon sets,  borrowed my mother's vintage battenburg lace and my granny's silverware for simple, but really pretty decor. Easy peasy!

Now, it's time to plan the bachelorette!

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