Friday, October 26, 2012

Redding, CA, an Underestimated City

In August, when we were on our way to Oregon, we stopped over at our friend's house for the night. We were only there for a quick overnight to help break up the ride and have a little visit with our friends Andrew and Monique. They used to live in Sacramento, but moved back to their hometown of Redding a couple years ago, which was a terrible decision, because we don't get to see them very often anymore. 

They recently bought a house with a few acres of land and after that first visit in August, we made plans for another visit in October. That weekend was last weekend. Thankfully we were blessed with lovely weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Very Goldilocks-ish.

 Last time we were there, Andrew promised me a pioneer cemetery.

He upheld his end of the bargain. We spent an hour or so wandering in the cemetery while he told us the local lore about a few of the inhabitants. There was a woman killed in an Indian ambush, many World War I and II veterans, and the girl who the whole cemetery was created for - a 16 year old wife who died in childbirth.

Andrew also made us Bananas Foster Pancakes, thus insuring that we will be begging for them everytime we visit.

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  1. Hey - we took our son to Coleman's Fish Hatchery many times when he was little. He loved visiting that place. So fun. I actually think Redding is a pretty great place to raise a family. Glad you had fun.


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