Monday, October 29, 2012

Share the Love

This week's Share the Love is full of wonderful stories that really struck a chord with me.

She's Too Beautiful To Be My Friend - Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we compare ourselves endlessly, needlessly, relentlessly to the woman next to us? I lived this story, but mine didn't have the awesome ending hers did.

How and Invitation to Tea Curbed a Slew of Suicide Attempts - Don Richie saved hundreds of lives, just by being available and inviting desperate, lonely souls to tea.

Church Words - "Over the next months, I’d like to tinker with a handful of our old words, words that have sat patiently in the corner too long, words like priest and glory, membership and doxology. Words with fire. Words that will both singe and succor, if we’ll only let them burn."

Kaleidoscope -  The impact our childhoods can have on our marriages are strong and deep and can sometimes distort our view.

Image from Lime Lane Photography

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