Monday, October 8, 2012

Brave Birthday Party

Welcome, Pinterest users! I am so glad you are here. After you have planned your awesome Brave Birthday Party, feel free to stop by and stay awhile! I write about all kinds of things, like Downton Abbey,  throwing Vintage Girls Nights, and my favorite place on Earth (Disneyland). I live in Sacramento and love it, so I like to brag about my hometown. Come visit sometime! I love Jesus and will talk about my faith often and hope you will join in on the discussion.  

I know you all laugh at me behind my back because I say how much I hate kids birthday parties and then I go and do stuff like this. And I realise that when I say things like that I sound like a big fat jerk. It's the chaos that surrounds them that I dislike and I stress myself out and then I worry that I don't have enough of this or that or whatever (I know. I do it to myself. This fact is not lost on me.).

All I can say is that I am a moderately crafty person and kids birthday parties are the only outlet I have at this stage of life. I think my OCD friends will understand when I say that I am compelled to do it. I have to get the creative bugs out somehow and kiddies are perfect fodder. The girls are far more into it than Tyler. I am getting off easy with the FIFTH Star Wars party IN A ROW for him. And he only wants to invite 6 friends. Love that kid.

I digress.

I have also been trying to really home in on my crazy and only attempt a few crazy projects for each party instead of, oh, 100. This time I made "Merida Hair" for each girl, plaid sashes for the boys, and crowns for whomever.

I borrowed and begged for much of the decor (a tent, some burlap, wooden Ikea patio furniture, rugs, pilloes, wooly blankets) and did my best to recreate the Merida meet and greet area like at Disneyland. It's a far cry, of course, but we were all happy with how it turned out.

Best of all, was my girl's joy. Every project elicited grins and hugs and kisses. Coming from my not so cuddly kid, I was in 7th heaven. If I were a more organized person I would have attempted 10 more projects, just to see her giggle and grin more.

Seeing as her birthday is so close to Halloween, Aaron's mom (seamstress rock-star that she is) made her a Merida dress. A. Freakin. Dorable. Grandma completed the look with the hair and shoes and we had ourselves a bonafide princess. Lily was cracking us up like CRAZY because she kept sitting in her "throne" with a little 'tude.

Finally I asked her why she was being such a poor sport. She immediately perked up and said, "But Momma! In the movie she sits on the throne, bored! I'm being Merida!"

I won't argue the finer details of Disney princess personalities with a seven year old, so we laughed and let it go. 

My biggest regret is that I never take enough pictures, and bless his heart, my husband doesn’t take the "right ones". You know what I mean. The little bitty details. Someday, I won't be cutting it close and will have plenty of time before the party starts to take cute photos.

Who are we kidding? I will never be ready sooner than 30 seconds after the first guest arrives.

Twirly girl

Royal warriors with their weapons (no real arrows were shot)

Our "official" Cabre Toss


  1. You are such an awesome mom Claire! Love it!!

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  3. LOVE the party you created... memories to last a lifetime! :)

  4. Thanks! It was so fun! We missed you, Lynne and Karen if you ever end up in my neck of the woods I will throw you a party. Because that would be so fun!

  5. Thanks, Nikki! Hey when you need help with Star Wars parties, I'll have allllllll the stuff, lol!

  6. Can you please share directions for how to make the birthday banner?


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