Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vintage Girls Night

There is nothing like a good Girls Night, is there? I love being able to get together with my friends and talk and laugh and eat and drink things I shouldn't on a regular basis (I'm talking to you, peanut butter brownies). I also haven't had that much fun trying on clothes with a group of friends since high school. When my friend Marayah called me asking if a vintage clothes party sounded fun, I'm pretty sure that I didn't let her finish her sentence before shouting YES! When she had her shop, Lulu Forever I spent hours there shooting the breeze. I also rarely left without buying something. I think she even had a corner of her store devoted to things I was holding and buying over time.

I used to wear vintage, or rather, thrift store finds (neither of which was cool in the 90s when I started out) all the time, but once I had kids the appeal of digging through racks of thrift store clothes solidly ran out. Marayah's fabulous collection has made it pretty much unnecessary for me to rummage thrift racks anymore and now she is even willing to bring the fun to me. WINNING.

So, Saturday night was the big night. Sangria was made days in advance, brownies baked, vintage jewelry and clothes gathered. My backyard was transformed, the husband and kids ushered off and the living room turned into a dressing room. The weather threatened to be horrible and in the 90s, however the Delta Breeze rescued us from sweaty disaster. The evening proved to be perfect for shopping and chatting with friends. Everyone who wanted to found a sparkly something or great item for their closet. I call that a success.

The best complement of all was that when it was over, several friends immediately asked me when the next one would be held and a few ladies who couldn't make it this time begged for me to have another one. Naturally I cannot disappoint, so Marayah and I are already getting our heads together for round two. Now, if you want to be included be sure to let me know! The more the merrier in my book!



  1. Bummed I missed this! Looks like some great finds were to be had.

  2. It twas a wonderful party. :)

  3. What a great girl's night. Put me on your list, please. :-)

    d xo

  4. Wish I had been there!! I want your outdoor furniture!!!

  5. This makes me so absolutely jealous!!! Om my goodness, what a perfect night that looked like. How bout you schedule one in a few years too...I don't think I could afford the plane ticket from the Philippines at this point!


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