Thursday, June 7, 2012

I ♥ Sacramento {Florin Farmers Market}

8:00 AM - Noon
Florin Sears Store
Florin Road & 65th Street.
(Front Parking Lot) Open All Year 

I love a good farmers market and love the fact that a really good one is not far from me all year round. Last week I went out with my camera poised to take far more shots than I needed and instead was greeted with a low battery warning and dead camera about 10 minutes into our visit. I managed to get a few shots in before the camera died for good. 

If you decide to go today, be sure to look for me and Charlotte and say hi. We usually spend too much time at the bakery booth, the name of which I forget because my camera died before we got there.


  1. Looks great! I've never been to the one on Florin. Is it about the same as the one on Sundays downtown?

  2. I don't know! I still haven't made it to the Sunday one. But it has a little of everything: flowers, eggs, honey, lavendar, plants, artisan jam, along with the usual fruits and veggies. No meats or fish, though.

  3. Claire! You HAVE to go to the big Sunday market. It's awesome, you can even buy live fish!


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