Friday, June 8, 2012

Life Lists

We all have one: that list in your mind of all the things you would like to see, do, visit, make, eat, experience before you die. Thanks to Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, many people call it a bucket list. I have always found the term "bucket list" to be a little bleak, so I call it life list, but you can call it whatever you want to. This is mine.

Take my kids to see the houses I lived in as a child in Hawaii and St. Louis, MO.

Visit where my paternal grandparents grew up. Grandpa Baganz - NYC, Granny Baganz - Virginia.

Find out where my maternal grandparents grew up and visit. (Nevada, both, but unsure where)

Draw something everyday.

Embroider something everyday.


Quit being chicken and hike Half Dome.

Disneyland half marathon with my sister. I do not really want to do this. I hate running. But she does and she needs a running buddy. And it ain't gonna be our mom.

Europe. All of it. Austria if I have to pick one.

Para-sailing. Maybe. Probably. People die doing crazy stuff like that.

Do a multiple state road trip by car.

Do a cross-country road trip by train.

Visit Prince Edward Island. Act like a crazy literary tourist (though, let's be honest, if you are a literary tourist to begin with, you may already be crazy, not just acting) and visit what I imagine are the locations of all my very favourite Anne of Green Gables and LM Montgomery moments: the road that Matthew and Anne took from the train station where she chitter-chattered her way into his heart. The pond where she pretended to be Ophelia. The house she and her girlfriends lived in during college. Captain Jim's lighthouse. Kilmeny's orchard. I must take Allison and Megan with me, because only they could possibly understand.

Dapper Day at Disneyland I know. You're shocked this wasn't number one. There isn't any particular order and it wouldn't be number one anyway. Prince Edward Island would be number one because it is the one thing that I would do even if it meant never getting to do anything else on my list ever.

Give up soda. Forever.

Become far less dependent on my car. Walk and biking = good. Driving = Bad

Visit all the National Parks.

Restore a vintage RV.

Become a decent photographer. Use film more.

Attend Alt. Design Summit (or some other blogger/design conference)

Learn to play the ukulele.


  1. Sounds like an awesome list!

  2. #9 did it. It was amazing. Even for a "non" runner.


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