Monday, June 11, 2012

Playing Dress Up

My sister is 13 years old. Remember 13? Yeah, I blocked it out, too. Obviously, given our slight age difference we did not grow up together. We have the pleasure of having three brothers, so playing dress up was really not much a part of either of our childhoods unless we were visiting our cousins, which we were both lucky enough to have lots of girl cousins. Our mom is one of eight kids, so the cousins are pretty spread out in age. Us older kids used to call ourselves the Original Eight. We were all born in the 70s (me) and the 80s (all the rest of them). The Newbies (there are twenty of them, yes twenty) were all 90s babies, so clearly their childhoods were inferior.

Noelle regularly stays with us and helps me with my kiddos in exchange for getting to do fun stuff with us. I could tell she was pretty bored the other day when she was here and boredom to a 13 year old is a slow, painful, whiny, death. I couldn't let her die in my care, so we did makeovers and played dress up complete with a photoshoot. Because that's what you do. I got in on the action as well, modeling all my new vintage clothes from the weekend, which I will post later. This is Noelle's spotlight!
I think we adequately made up for years of not getting to play dress up and found a pretty fun way to pass the time. We loved going through my closet for clothes and jewlery that would be cute for her to wear. She tried really hard to get me to lend her my brown belt, but in true older sister fashion I said "Heck no, it's mine, go make mom buy you your own! "

The best part of the day was after I downloaded the pictures and showed them to her. Noelle was thrilled at how they turned out. I don't think she realised that she is truly a natural beauty. She is only wearing eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. Lucky duck! I cannot wait to do another fashion shoot with her. I'll dress her up and pretend she is my own personal doll. That's normal, right?


  1. So cute, she doesn't look 13 at all!!

  2. Right!? When we were at the airport to go to Disneyland Someone tried to get her to sign up for a credit card! I said, hey back off, she's 13 and the lady was shocked. lol!


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