Thursday, April 5, 2012

I ♥ Sacramento {Doughbots}

2226 10th Street  Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 444-5157

The first time I heard about Doughbot, it was someone telling me about their White Russian doughnut, The Dude. I had recently watched The Big Lebowski with my husband and naturally The Dude came up in conversation. It was only a matter of days before we visited to try one of these White Russian flavored delicacies.

top: Chocolate Ganache, S'Mores; middle: The Dude, Vanilla Pull-Apart; bottom: Lemon Lavendar Pull-Apart, Chocolate Ganache Pull-Apart

They were a hit with everyone, including the kids, which pretty much guaranteed that Doughbots would be on our breakfast-treat rotation. We have been there enough times to have favorites. Lily's is the Apple Bacon, Tyler's is The Dude, Aaron The Dude and Chili-Chocolate. I, probably not surprisingly, have a couple favorites, Lavendar-Lemon, Vegan Vanilla Bean, and as of today, S'Mores. And Chili-Chocolate. And, and...ok, I like em all.

If you live in mid-town and order at least a dozen they will deliver. That's right doughnuts by delivery. Thank God I don't live in midtown. Seriously, I dodged a bullet on this one. They are also offering a BOGO through the Downtown Grid. Information that would have been useful to me this morning. Information is power. Doughnut eating power.

That's right, getting S'mored right in front of you. That's service.

The money shot. Ok, maybe not.
Like mother, like daughter. Brings a tear to my eye.

Round two included more of the same for the family.
I was a good girl and stuck with my one S'more.

Quite possibly the kids' favorite part, drawing a robot for the line and then trading for a much cooler one (quite possibly) sketched by a local artist.

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