Thursday, March 29, 2012

I ♥ Sacramento {Squeeze Inn}

5301 Power Inn Road  Sacramento, California
(916) 386-8599
Monday Thru. Friday-  10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday - 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday Closed

According to Google maps I live 1.6 miles or 5 minutes away from the Squeeze Inn. Their old location was about 3 minutes from my house. And yet, until my sister's 13th Birthday Extravaganza last week, I had never been. This is probably a good thing, because for someone who hates to eat meat as much as I do I still have a soft spot in my stomach for a good hamburger. And bacon. Now that I have finally had a Squeeze With Cheese I can't wait to get another one, and that can't be good for my waistline.

We got there right at 12, which was clearly the lunch rush. Even so, we only had to wait a few minutes before the one and only booth was available. It gave us time to look around at all the crazy wall decor that every hole-in-the-wall place holds so dear. This one mostly boasted a lot of family photos (someone's in the military!) and pictures of customers around the world in their Squeeze Inn t-shirts.

There is also a well deserved wall of fame, note the bright blue "Access" paper. The old location was the scene of a lawsuit  (which was later dropped) for not being handicapped accessible, so surely they are most proud of their new accessible location, no?

 The menu dosen't stop at Squeezeburgers, which was a surprise to me, because there was not one single person sitting down to lunch that didn't have a SWC and a basket of fries. I noticed you could get a veggie burger with cheese, but I think a part of my soul would die if I ate a veggie burger at a place like Squeeze Inn. 

The Famous Squeeze With Cheese. Half was more than enough!
I am really happy that the burger didn't disapoint. It was delicious and cheesy and just greasy enough to be enjoyable, but not so greasy I felt dirty after eating it. The four of us shared a large basket of fries on the waitresses recommendation (I'm a sucker for the up-sell) but I should have follwed my gut and gotten the small. The real star of the show is the burger; we just weren't all that into the fries.

Upon coming home and telling my husband about our day he looked wounded and said "You went to Squeeze Inn? Without me?" I know. Very sad.
Our booth was actually the original entryway!

Thumbs up! Can you tell my sister is over it and just wants to eat lunch?

I wish I could say that I planned the whole "pinkies out" thing for the picture. But no. I am that fake-pretentious enough that I eat like this unwittingly on a regular basis. According to my mother I held my bottles pinkies out as a baby.
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