Monday, July 25, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Magpie Caterers}

Earlier this month we went to the wedding of two of our dear friends. Their reception was at Beatnik Studios and was catered by Magpie Cafe.  The food was the best wedding food I have ever tasted and quite possibly the best food I have ever tasted. Ever. I have been hearing buzz about Magpie since their opening, but had never made it down to the cafe to try it out for myself. Stupid, stupid me! I could have been eating there all this time! Since then I have made it my mission to find an excuse to go there. Unfortunately for me the soonest excuse I could come up with was our anniversary last week.

We had dinner reservations at The Grange already, but decided to stop in at Magpie beforehand, anyway. Lucky for us it was still happy hour, so we got the specials - the Artisan Cured Meats (above) and the Smoked Trout (below) both of which were amazing. We both preferred the salami of the two meats, but didn't dislike the other enough not to eat every last bit.

Magpie Catering and Cafe uses all (or mostly) seasonal and local ingredients from Northern California. Many restaurants are doing this now, but I am hearing from friends and family that Magpie does it best. I have to say that I can't disagree.

Having had a delicious dinner at our friends' wedding just a few weeks ago, we were ok with having to part ways with Magpie at just the appetizers. We can't wait to go back for dinner soon.

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  1. I ate here for the first time a couple weeks ago. Love love LOVE ♥

  2. I'm not gonna lie it was your post on facebook that reminded me I wanted to go back!


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