Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Taco Tuesday - Toledo's Taqueria}

Hi everybody, it’s Emily, I’m back to deliver the last stop on our taco tour. Our time has gone so fast and parting is such sweet sorrow but before we say our goodbyes I’m excited to share a little taqueria that I believe is a hidden gem.

I assume not too many people know about Toledo’s Taqueria mostly because it’s actually a grocery store with a taco counter. Located below Arden Way on Fulton Ave a little past Filco’s appliances it’s a welcome distraction on those days when I almost accidentally go to the gym, which is located across the street.

Toledo’s is very authentic in that you can buy phone cards there, send money to Mexico there and also buy a blackmarket DVD out of the back of a mini-van that is oftentimes parked in front. It’s really ideal for a multi-tasking Mom.

Toledo’s serves real street style tacos, which means you should order at least 3. If I was having them for my whole meal I would probably order about 5, but I am quite enamored with tacos so you’ll have to make your own call on that one. The tacos at Toledo’s are tiny but what they lack in size they more than make up for in quality. The meat is diced super-small and the ingredients are fresh and well-executed. Plus! (this is the most exciting part) for some reason that I don’t understand, yet thank the heavens for they are served with a side of onions freshly caramelized on the grill. Yum.

Next time you accidentally almost go to the gym, stop by Toledo’s to fuel up first!

That ends our Arden Taco Tour. Thank you so much Claire for having me stop by!-Emily from NotoriousMLE

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