Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Krushburger - formerly Mini Burger Truck}

Given last weekend's (almost too) hugely successful SactoMoFo, I thought I should talk about one of the real bright spots of the day, Mini Burger Truck. Twitter was on fire for them and if you have ever had the pleasure of catching up to the truck, you know why

I have been following Mini Burger Truck on twitter for awhile and literally following where they were, patiently waiting for them to tweet a location near me, so I could see what all the fuss is about. Finally, a few weeks back, they tweeted a location practically around the corner from me at the Broadway DMV, so I zipped out to the DMV offices on 50th and Broadway. 

I was on a major time crunch as my husband was home that morning, but would soon be on his way to an afternoon meeting. Seeing as 50th and Broadway was only a few blocks from our house I figured I'd be fiiiiine. Plenty of time.

Not. They were at the other DMV office on 24th and Broadway. Fail. Well, sort of. I still got our burgers, but I made the hubs late to his meeting. Oh the things I do for a good lunch.

I don't have better pics of the burgers since I had to basically grab them and run back to my car, where I was yelled at for parking illegally (or at least in a private lot), drive as fast as was (legally) possible to get home to my hubby, hand him his lunch so he could drive as fast as was (legally) possible to his meeting, while (unwisely) eating while he drove. They were good enough burgers that he wasn't mad at me for making him late, so that says something.

p.s. When you attempt this, be smarter than me and check their schedule. You could double check on twitter since the city's lame food truck rules prohibit staying on one place longer than 30 minutes, but the online schedule is pretty helpful.

p.p.s. Because I know you are dying to know we got one of each of their regular menu burgers and the monthly burger, which at that time was the Phat Pig. We also got a side of sweet potato tots. Oh. My. Yum.
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