Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Chapter...Kids Sports

pre swim nerves
heading to the race

Our seven year old has joined the swim team. 

We are in new territory, friends. We have officially entered the world of Kids Sporting Events, where parents live out their dreams through their children.

Ok, yeah, that's a bit pessimistic of me, but I have learned through my own and my three brother's sporting experiences that there is a segment of the parent population that gets a bit crazy when it comes to kids sports. And probably other things too.

Knowing this we prepped our boy quite a bit before his first swim meet. "Son, we are just here to have fun." "This is not about winning, it's about learning how to be a good team member and a good sport." "You are only in a race against yourself, don't worry about the other swimmers."

You get the idea.

lined up on the block and ready to go
Sure, there will be a time when winning, technique, improvement and beating personal bests will be more important and even encouraged, but not as a seven year old. Thankfully our coaching staff is really encouraging of the kids no matter their skill level.

Tyler is really enjoying his time on the swim team and is starting to make new friends (like the little dude next to him in the picture below) which really makes us happy. It was touch and go at the beginning of the day as it was FREEZING and Tyler has zero body fat, so the poor kid's teeth were chattering so much that he was getting a headache. It was pathetic and I thought for sure this whole swim team thing would be an epic fail.

we might need to work a bit on that entry dive...
Thankfully after we prayed together that his attitude would change and few well placed Lego bribes he pulled himself together and had a brilliant day. He finished last in all his swims and really wanted to give up during his 50 meter (two laps) swim, but he didn't which made us beyond proud. He was in tears when we pulled him out of the water, but the encouragement of his teammates, friends and family cheered him up quickly.

...and our freestyle stroke.
Later that night he was watching TV and the kid on show declared "I quit!" Tyler turned to me and said, "That's too bad. You shouldn't quit, I didn't quit and it was really hard to swim two laps."

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  1. So sweet! Biscuit was in tears too after her race but I agree the coaching staff are great. Glad to see you at practice :)


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