Thursday, May 19, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Block o' Sweets}

1801 L Street, Suite 70
What?  You've never heard of the Block o' Sweets and surely with a name like that, if it existed you'd know about it? Ok, so it's not exactly an official name but, trust me, it exists. Specifically, it's the block on L Street that houses TreyBCakes, Ginger Elizabeth Chocolate and Yogurtagogo among other great businesses the names of which I don't know, probably becuase they don't sell sweets. Yes, I have a one track mind at times. Sue me.

I'll take the whole tray!
Trey B Cakes probably wins the distinction of being my favorite place on the block mostly because it's open late. Not that I'm out late every often or anything, but it's nice knowing that a place with treats just as good (maybe even better) as Rick's is also open until the wee hours of the morning (or midnight. I have three kids. That is the wee hours for me.).

I regularly get the LuLu Cupcake, the grownup version of a Hostess Cupcake. Husband likes the  gelato, which I have yet to try. He's not very good at sharing sometimes. 

1801 L Street, Suite 60
Seeing as Chocolate is its own food group at our house Ginger Elizabeth's probably should be my favorite, but as an excellent artisan chocolatier it has excellent artisan prices, which is to say not at all excellent.

Now don't let that discourage you from going and trying the Coconut Curry (my personal favorite) or the tamer Lavendar, just know that this is a special occasion kind of place. The macaroons are delicious as well. They are the traditional french kind, which make me feel all fancy like Marie Antoinette, but with less tragedy.

1801 L Street, Suite 9
 And lastly, we have Yogurtagogo, which is our kids favorite. Making their own frozen yogurt with toppings will always win out in kid world. And frequently in husband world. Whenever it's open it's his poison of choice.

It's good, but there isn't enough chocolate there for me.
Please don't blog this, mom. You are embarrassing me.

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