Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Midway Antique Mall}

 I have been wanting to check out the Midway Antique Mall for quite sometime. Ever since Megan forwarded the link to Erin's post on Bows and Sparrows about them I have been scheming to get myself over there. A couple times Megan has said, "Come on, let's GO!" and I have turned her down becuase we didn't have any extra cash to spend on all the fun things that I knew I would want, but wouldn't be able to get.

On Mother's Day I knew it was the perfect day to go over there with the family becuase it's A) the one day a year I get to do exactly what I want all day long. and B) as such I would get to pick out goodies and my husband would happily spoil me. Win win. 

"Hands behind your backs, kids." Well, one listened, anyway.
 After church and lunch on Sunday we went over there with kids in tow. I mention the kids because some of you veteran antique mall goers might be cringing over the thought of a seven, five and two year old anywhere near an antique mall. I was, even though the kid to adult ratio was 1:1, about as good as it gets. My kids were angels. Maybe the stars were aligned, maybe Midway is really fun for kids or maybe it was the well placed mom-guilt I gave them the night before ("All I want for Mother's Day, kids, is for you to listen, be nice to each other and not whine all day. You can do that for Mommy, right kids?"). Whatever it was, it worked.
my kids have awesome taste in games
groovy miss kitty (only $50)
crochet hangers ($3ea)
The thing that struck me most about Midway was the impeccable condition all their pieces were in. Everything has been beautifully restored and most items look brand new, with a very small percentage (usually upholstery) looking only slightly worn. Record players, radios, telephones, clocks, watches all have been painstakingly restored and while they carry hefty price-tags a good friend who works there has mentioned that some peices may even come with warranties.

1940s Deco Glam room. Not my taste, but fun to see.
 Another thing I noticed was how kind and helpful everyone was. No one seemed put out by the number of children we had with us (we were quite conspicuously the only ones there with kids) or with how loud they were, which while they were not whiny, they are still kids and were noisy. In fact I noticed a couple of the workers tailing us because they liked chatting with our 2 year old, who is by far our chattiest kid.

I came away with a few sets of vintage buttons (thanks Granny!) and a "MOM" coffee mug (thanks husband!) but not the perfect mid-century end table I was hoping for. It wasn't for lack of trying, they just didn't have what I needed. Bummer, cuz I can't use the Mother's Day shopping spree card again till next year. 

Midway Antique Mall
  PHONE (916) 779-6252   
Hours M-F 10 am - 6 pm

Ok, free treats and TV might have had a role in the good behavior.

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