Monday, May 23, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Sacramento County Fair}

 Yay! The County Fair is this weekend! For some reason I love the County Fair, but hate the State Fair. Probably because the County Fair still has cool competitions in baking, canning, table setting (Huh? Yeah.), baking and flower arranging. It's less crowded and less likely to have rowdy teenagers. It's cheaper and smaller and BETTER.

I love the County Fair. Where else can you get a cupcake and then just to your left find "Psychic Advice" from a "Consultant"?

...or stare into a frightening mass of bees behind glass and try fresh honey...

...and see horses up close and be afraid of them like the city kid you are...or watch the horse acrobats strut their stuff (heh) for prizes and ribbons?

 Where else can you pet mini horses, which you are far less afraid of...

...and get sickeningly sweet cotton candies from the Candy Factory....
...and feel sorry for rainbow hued sheep...

...and cuddle with baby goats?

At the County Fair.

May 26-30
Admission $5 13 and up
kids 12 and under free

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