Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jumpin back in!


My goodness that was an unintentionally long break folks! Last week was my kids Spring Break and I had big plans for us. BIG PLANS. We were going to go hiking in Calaveras and to visit out of town friends and down to the river for a picnic and to every single ice cream parlor in town. It was going to be epic. Instead I laid on the couch sicker than sick with the worst cold ever (which was probably bird flu or something) and watched Disney channel with my kids all day.

Wait. What? You're saying that's all fine and good, but a whiny sick girl can still post a blog update? True story. However, one thing they don't tell you in Mom Training is that when you are sick and the kids are not there will be a level of boredom and whining emanating from every pore of your offspring's bodies. So in frustration at my darling children I slammed shut my laptop and managed to do it just hard enough to fry my hard-drive.

God bless my husband for being totally cool about it, though on Easter Sunday when Pastor Craig announced his new sermon series on anger, Aaron laughed and nudged me. Point taken. I will be taking diligent notes for the next few Sundays.

The laptop is still fried for now, but we dragged out the trusty desktop and I will have some great local blogger features for you! I am pretty excited about them! I will have my first later today and another one tomorrow. I might save my last one for next week, but we shall see. Either way, I'm jumpin in!

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