Thursday, April 14, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Pancake Circus}

If you know me well you know our family's love for Pancake Circus and if you read this blog with any regularity you have possibly been wondering when I was going to mention Pancake Circus. Or maybe you haven’t, because it’s more likely that you really don’t think of me or my family’s penchant towards a kitschy diner that borders on frightening (unless, of course, you love clowns) very often, or, like, ever. Either way I think I deserve a pat on the back for waiting this long to talk about Pancake Circus. more clowns
We freakishly love this place and have been coming for years. I’ll be honest and say that it isn’t the best pancake you ever had, or the best value, but that really isn’t the point. We started coming here not long after our first child was born, all our kids have sat in the little highchairs that clip onto the tables and giggled over the cartoon bears and lions over the lunch counter. The owner now greets us and the kids with a huge smile and an inquiry about school for the kids, work for the husband, life for me.
The waitresses, comically crusty at times, have all been there forever, know their regulars by name and even can list of the names of the grandkids. If you don’t go there regularly they serve you with quick matter-of-factness; you can count on being seated, fed and paid up in 45 minutes on a weekday. Expect long waits on weekends and holidays, an hour or more at times, but we have come to enjoy sarcastic banter with other hungry folk while we wait. I’m thinking that the Circus attracts a certain kind of customer because I am struggling to think of an instance where we haven’t had a witty exchange with the people waiting next to us. My husband enjoys himself a sarcastic witty joke with a stranger. Perhaps that is what he really likes about this place, people laugh at his jokes. The man loves an audience.
Hot chocolate
Breakfast deals begin around $7 and generally feature sausage/bacon/eggs and 2-4 pancakes.  My favorite has always been the buckwheat pancakes with berry syrup. We (Aaron and I) usually get a Circus Special and share it.  The kids are pleased as punch with dollar pancakes and hot chocolate. I didn’t start taking pics of Charlotte until after she ate all her whipped cream, but it was close to as tall as her head. No wonder they love it there!
Dangit. I haven’t had breakfast yet, now I’m hungry!
2101 Broadway
Sacramento, 95818
Hours: 6a-3p
p.s. they apparently now have t-shirts. Yes, I will be rocking one of those soon. 
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  1. actually, when i saw the title, i thought, "it's about time she mentioned Pancake Circus!"

    then i kept reading, and you mentioned it yourself. =)


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