Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This kid is cracking us up lately

005I should be putting laundry away, but I’m stalling. Blogs may not be good for much, but they sure are good for keeping one from doing one’s chores. I have a couple really cool I ♥ Sacramento entries in the pike, but I noticed we were getting Sacramento heavy around here, so I felt like I needed to temper that with some kid posts. Plus, it is becoming painfully obvious to us that our baby is pretty much not a baby anymore. Since we are fairly sure that we are done having kids it bittersweet when the littlest isn’t so little anymore, and I feel like I should be documenting her a bit more.


She has always referred to herself as “Chardette” which we thought was cute till one of my brothers pointed out that it sounds like she is saying “sharted” so within a day I taught her the correct pronunciation of her name. It’s still cute since she really emphasizes the “l” in Charlotte.  She still says “I yuv you” and refers her brother and sister as “my Liwly” and “my Tylew”  which melts everyone’s heart when they hear it. She also shamelessly introduces herself to EVERY SINGLE PERSON we see when we are out. The staff at Trader Joe’s LOVE her and are always excited when she comes in and re-introduces herself. Our neighbor was trying to explain “stranger danger” when we were getting ice cream last night and Charlotte just blankly looked at her and then turned around and said “Hi! I Charlotte!” to the waitress. So much for that. 

tyler_7 002

Ok. Enough stalling.

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