Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Mimomito with Serene, Toni and Rose}



One of my very favorite local blogs is Mimomito, where Serene, Toni and Rose dig through craigslist postings for my your mid-century modern loving pleasure. These girls have adorable, fun, kitschy, awesomely mid-century modern taste and it has already been established that I could never go thrifting with them because we would probably get into a fight over something.

“I saw it first!”

“ No way! I clearly saw it first”

“Well, forget you, I touched it first!”

Not pretty, not pretty at all. I might be willing to risk it though. I asked these lovelies what their favorite finds have been and let me tell you, these girls are good. All the pics in this post are their favorite finds/projects and can also be found on Mimomito.


Toni officially has the best story ever when it comes to a find. she says, “My kitchen table is my pride and joy. It's a 1950's formica dinette with a gray cracked ice table top and four stunning red chairs in original upholstery. I purchased it in Stockton, CA for $125 from a lady that inherited it from her mother. The lady's husband didn't like "that old look", so her loss was my gain.”

Anyway, I asked the girls to tell me some of their favorite haunts in Sacramento and places they have to take out of towners when they visit. (I love this part of interviewing for this feature because I’ll be reminded of a cool place I haven’t been to before or it’s been so long that it was off my radar or they will list places that are my favorite places, too, which is super fun! That is when you know you have met a kindred spirit. )


adorable Rose in her awesome living room, with the coffee table she and her husband, Ben, recently refinished. she says it will be a family heirloom for sure!

Rose: I haven't had the pleasure to entertain many out of towner guests...and I think a lot of our outings would depend on the weather. In the summer I would take them to the American river to go swimming, in the fall I would stop at Temple coffee for some joe, then a nice walk through the Capital Park. River swimming is just good ol' fun and the Capital is gorgeous in the fall because of all those warm colors. Town House on wed’s night for Karaoke, probably Kru for sushi, or Roxie’s for lunch. More often then not, towner’s would prolly all end up at one of our friends house (like Serene’s) for a YouTube/snack party at night time…those are pretty great.


Rose’s other half, Ben works from home on their “metal tanker”. I love it!

Toni: Some of my current local favorites to support are, Phono Select, an awesome new record store with a great selection of music; Lulu Forever, where you can shop for good quality vintage clothing; Never Felt Better Vegan Boutique for all of your vegan needs; SactownSwings @ Club 21- where I can practice the cool moves that I learn from Johnny at The Ballroom and the Eichlerific Blog is great MCM blog that we love.dinette

Serene describes her favorite find as “Amazingly weird 70's artwork we got off CL for $8 from a seller named Leslie, who then became Torn Pocket vintage who deals with the 57th street antique mall”

Serene:  Some of my favorite things about/in Sacramento… well, I love that it's flat here. I grew up in the hill-laden Bay Area, and love that Sacramento is the Midwest of California. Flat, wide open, and rivers to jump in in the summer time. I used to dream about open fields and rivers since I was a kid and was happy to find it just an hour and a half north of my hometown. As for places to go in Sacramento, I love Bombay Bar & Grill for their veggie pakoras, Sher-e-Punjab's lunch buffet, Great Wall's all you can eat Mongolian grill, and Pho Hoa Viet on Broadway for a midnight pho fix. (I love eating.) Other places I really need to go to this summer, but have yet to go, are the Drive-In movie theater and the 24 hour driving range to whack some golf balls.


Another of Serene’s favorite pieces (which also hold the honor as the piece that most makes me want to cry out of jealousy) is the record player bench.

Wondering if they have favorite Mimomito posts? Oh they do, they do!

One of Serene’s favorite posts was the Git’r’done Terrariums that Rose put together, while Rose’s fave was The Un-photographed Gentleman. And Toni’s faves are all the home features!

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