Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth!

Thanks to my super amazing husband I was able to have a girls only weekend with my friend Sarye (who I have been friends with for 18 years. Eight. Teen!!) in Southern California. And when you are in Southern California and not in the mood for the beach, where do you go? Well, if you are us you go to Disneyland for two days without kids or significant others. And not even feel bad about it.

Picnik collage

One of the plusses of going to Disneyland sans kids is that you can focus your camera on things other than your adorable children freaking out over Mickey/Princesses/balloons/having no nap/eating something messy that they don’t normally get to eat/watching parades. You know, the normal stuff.

I think I may have actually taken more pictures without the kids than I ever do with them. Amazing h ow much time not preventing theme park meltdowns give you. Because of the plethora of pictures that I insist of showing you I will be breaking up my post into at least two. I think it’s a small world deserves its own post. That ride is ridiculous in its adorableness. We rode that one twice just so I could take more pictures. We pretty much paparazzi’d the ride.

Picnik collageDisney

Going places without kids also lets you see things that you have never seen before. Like the world’s cutest drinking fountain. I might have even edged out a thirsty 4 year old so I could take these pictures. I was there first! That is why Flora isn’t such a great angle, said 4 year old wouldn't move over so I could get her at a better angle. The nerve.

Picnik collageDL

1. it’s a small world right after the fireworks show. The crowd was GINORMOUS, wish the photo captured the insanity of it better. 2. Fireworks while waiting in line for the Storybook Canal, 3. Tomorrowland balloons. I NEVER would have noticed those with my kids in tow. 4. Super cute gingerbread man wreath.

Picnik collagelights

1. Lanterns over the Teacups. This is a picture I take pretty much every time we go. I just love how they look at night. 2. The flower lights in line for Alice in Wonderland. 3. Close up of the light. 3. Tomorrowland

disneyland 376 Main street

disneyland 365 disneyland 483

Obligatory castle pics.

And that is all I will subject you to today. Tomorrow I will brag about being allowed to go to Club 33 through some very kind family friends. Whether or not you know about Club 33 (or have been) will prove 1. you are a Disney Dork and/or 2. You have really good friends.


  1. We've still never been. It's on our to-do list. :)

  2. great pictures! I sooo want to find that drinking fountain now!


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