Sunday, December 5, 2010

The DL, Part 2

Warning: if you have no interest in hearing other people blather on about their “wonderful” vacation that you didn’t get to go on, come back later. Maybe tomorrow if you like kitschy cute theme park rides, but if not wait a couple days. I’ll be here, and I promise I’ll be done with the vacation photos. disneyland 028

For the rest of you, who we may have determined are Disney Dorks yesterday, welcome back. Disney Dork is a term my husband and I coined on our last family trip to Disneyland when my aunt came running up to us excitedly flailing her arms around wildly and was so amused that she could only giggle and point to a 40-plus year old couple dressed up like High School Musical cheerleaders and blissfully enjoying their special vacation while us meanies giggled and decided that 40 year-old who dress up like high school cheerleaders on vacations are in fact Disney Dorks.

I have admitted to myself that I am, in fact, a Disney Dork. You will never ever see me dressed up as any character except maybe Halloween, but the second I let Sarye buy us matching Minnie Mouse ear barrettes and actually wore them all day pretty solidly put us both in that category. Sorry, ‘Rye, it is what it is. I have a couple other friends who might deny, deny, deny, but deep down they know the truth. Picnik collage33

Anyway, Club 33. We were able to go for lunch on our second day. At first I was super excited to get to do something that is more difficult to experience (like every good Disney Dork would be) , but by the time we got there we were in such sensory overload from the park that the thing that stood out the most was the peace and quiet! Then we got our food and, well, we did our best to put ourselves into a food coma. It was a definite upgrade from burgers and fries.

It was basically the most relaxing (and delicious) meal I have ever had in Disneyland. I was pleasantly surprised at how accommodating they were to families with kids (hey, I’m a mom, I notice these things.) A large party with 4 kids was there and while the kids were total angels, they were kids and messes were made, crying was heard, but no one was made to feel badly or anything, which was really nice to see. I didn’t end up taking too many pictures; I didn't want to be the weirdo who took random pictures of everything, so I just took random pictures of a few things. This might be a bit of a let-down re-cap for some, but who knows, you might someday get to go there yourself and I think it ruins some of the fun to see too from another’s perspective.

By the time we go done with lunch and rode a couple rides it got dark, so pretty much all my pictures are nighttime ones that are pretty spectacular. Disney at night at Christmastime is unparalleled in the magic department.

Picnik collagenight

disneyland 080

Picnik collagetree

disneyland 010

disneyland 311

disneyland 101


  1. beautiful pictures. claire! (of course!)

    (and yes, i do have those clip ears AND a glittery minnie headband.)

  2. We are going up to Orlando for New Years and I'm really hoping I can talk the hubs into Disney World. He is a hater :(

  3. You and Jasen are totally Disney Dorks, as are the Cassidys, which is pretty much why I love you guys so much.

    Katie! How did you manage to marry a Disney hater!? Dislike! Zelda DESERVES some Disney love! BTW that is the most awesome onesie EVER!


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