Friday, December 3, 2010

Mad Men

I am still not over the fact that we are three days into December. I am shocked by December every year, a fact that will probably never change! In protest I am going to blog about a stellar Mad Men Cocktail party we attended in November for our good friend Jasen’s 30th birthday. His wife, Amanda, (who is cute and hilarious and her house will someday be featured here) is a majorly awesome party planner. She is my party planner idol. I think maybe she should plan our upcoming 10th anniversary Vow Renewal Shin-Dig. Her first task will be to re-name “10th Anniversary Vow Renewal Shin-Dig” to something not lame. 

Check out the details!Picnik collage4

Vintage Typewriter, so everyone could type Jasen a birthday message (which we forgot to do, sob!). The menu – all the food was from Whole Foods and delish! A FULL BAR. In all my 31 years I have never been to a party with such a beautiful bar set-up. I hope that doesn't make me sound lushy… Last, a pic of the whole gorgeous backyard. We had unseasonably warm weather and the party was held outside. Lovely.


Everyone’s outfits were perfect. We don’t watch the show very often (too danged depressing!), but I have always had a soft spot for 60s fashion. Putting the outfit together was a breeze. The dapper duo in the top row, right hand corner came as Joan and Sterling and were SPOT ON. Joan even had her pen necklace. Sterling had the most realistic fake ciggy I have ever seen, which really isn’t saying much.

Awesome Amanda (hmm, I may have to call her that from now on…) even ordered gum cigarettes for everyone, which arrived while we were in full swing partying. I don’t think anyone in attendance (openly, lol) smokes so all the tobacco products shown, are indeed, fake!

 Picnik collage3


I think the Birthday Boy had a great time! You can see everyone else did too! Definitely a fun party theme if you are into themed parties. We all know that I am very very into themed parties. As is Awesome Amanda.

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  1. everyone looks so great! I think I have a crush on your husband now :D lookin' so sweet in his suit and slicked back hair!


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