Friday, September 17, 2010

Rockets Away!


Being the incredibly awesome parents that we are, we along with A’s parents, sent Ty to a weeklong Rocket camp this summer. The last day the kids got to launch the water rockets they designed and built all week long. Our budding science nerd was in 7th heaven! He came home with a new project each night and got to build a solar system that lit up and a motorized moon rover.

I know, this stuff ain’t chintzy, unlike the day camps of my youth. Although I can honesty say that Space and Rocket Camp wasn’t on the top ten list of things I wanted to do when I was 6. My dad would have been in his own personal heaven if I had.  Tyler was also extra happy to find out that two of the kids from his camp over the summer are in his class at his new school. It was a nice surprise to think he knew no one and actually have a couple friends.


  So we don’t forget the pilot’s name…


…and a pic of the co-pilot.

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