Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Best Day Ever

My 6 year old has a way of saying that any fun day is his best day ever, today was one such day. Our local minor-league baseball team had a "Mommy and Me" day out at the field and about 45 minutes after dropping Tyler off at kindergarten I went back and picked him up as a surprise to take him to the ballpark.

We haven't been to a Rivercats game since he was a baby, so as far as he was concerned it was his first time there and he was appropriately awed by the stadium, the field, the mascot. It was rainy and cold, but that didn't stop my boy and his friends from having fun. I was pretty proud of his fun-loving spirit when the rain started coming down pretty hard, but Ty and his little buddy stayed out on the pitcher's mound playing long after everyone else had run for cover (including their own mothers).

When I asked later what his favorite part was he cheerfully said "Coloring the pennant!"
As soon as we got home the pennant and team roster poster were taped to his bedroom door. Such a proud little fan.

After the ballpark we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa "in another country" (in another city), got to have ice cream for a snack with Grandpa. He then had his very first piano lesson ("Mom I got lots of 'good jobs' from my teacher!") and then went out to dinner.

This was the best day ever!


  1. I love those days. It's the simple things that make the best memories.

  2. Definitely! I can't wait for summer so we can do tons more fun stuff!

  3. I think I saw you, Tegan, running after your little one.


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