Thursday, May 6, 2010

When kids are left to their own devices...

On Thursday I came down with the mother of sinus infections and spent the afternoon in bed while my three kids pretty much had run of the house. I had visions of the horrors I would find when I was finally able to get up or when Aaron came home from work. There were lots of giggles and "shhhh, it's going to be a surprise". Then my eldest came into my room and said, "MOM, you gotta come see!! We set up a GAME NIGHT!"

I had visions of Monopoly pieces strewn about, game cards and playing boards tossed around the room, every game we own pulled out of the closet. In short, a chaotic mess that I would have to clean up.

But no. My kids are awesome, they very neatly organized a family game night and only pulled out 6 games! (it could have been 30) They even artfully arranged their stuffies all around the room.

Sadly, I was too sick to participate in game night that night, but we have declared May 30 game night again and they are inviting all their cousins and friends to come play games and have a BBQ. Aren't my kids the coolest?

The very proud co-conspirators.

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  1. how cute...Hey, your baby isn't a baby anymore!!! What happened...LOL...They are all lil sweeties . Happy Mothers Day to you!!! Mica


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