Friday, April 30, 2010

{Fashion Icon} Elsa Mora and The Hidden Seed

Not long after I began blogging I came across the beautiful blog Elsita. I was immediately taken by her gorgeous paper cut peices, them by her lovely digital drawings, then her jewelry, her dolls, her - you see where I am going with this, right? Elsa's art and her style are just lovely, and her blogs (all of them!) are no exception.

When I decided to start featuring style icons on Glitter and Grunge I knew I would have to start with Elsa because her look is what I consider to be the epitome of Glitter and Grunge. Every outfit she shares on her blog is a perfect mix of casual glamor. Maby of her looks would be just as perfect for Sunday brunch with friends as they would at a wedding. Even her fanciest frills feel casual and comfortable.

But probably my favorite aspect of her look is that it's modern and vintage at the same time. Elsa totally knows how to take a vintage piece and make it feel totally now. Man, I love that!
If you are as inspired by Elsa as I am, please check out her array of wonderfulness!

The Hidden Seed
The Heart of Papercuts
Dolls Have Feelings, Too

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