Tuesday, April 16, 2013

His Voice Guest Post at beautiful & beloved

his voice

"How much does God love us? How big and deep and wide is His love? How far does it reach and what does it conquer and what does it look like? There are songs and poems and books written about how God loves us and still I struggle with trying to understand what His love looks like. Trying to wrap my mind around love that big has always difficult. 

I have a husband who is kind and thoughtful and patient and selfless and dead sexy and still makes my stomach do flip flops after fourteen years together. I look at him and I think how I cannot believe I love him more today than I did the day I married him twelve years ago. Knowing that in twelve more years I will love him more than I do today is exciting and frightening. I’m looking at him all googly eyed and goofy and suddenly I realize this love I have for my husband doesn't come close to how God loves me..." read the rest of this post at beautiful & beloved

Amber, from beautiful & beloved, is kindly having me guest post on her blog to talk about His Voice - small ways God is speaking to us in our daily lives. Today, I am talking about God's love. I know, I know, not exactly groundbreaking theological stuff, here, but often the simplest, most obvious things are the hardest to see. Alright, maybe just for me.

I hope that you will join us there and let us know what you think. Be sure to read Amber's posts on her struggles with being a Godly wife, and her adorable crafting tutorials, including this infinity t-shirt scarf. I now want to make a million of them!

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