Friday, October 12, 2012

Sharing the Love

I hope you guys will take some time and go visit a few of my friends.  I have been encouraged in big ways by these ladies in the last week (or longer), I would love for you to be as well. If you do pop in, please take a minute and say hello, especially if what they have shared moved you as much as it did me!

As someone very familiar with literal and figurative falls, I was so encouraged by Lesley this morning. For those who have fallen. She also reminded me that it is always good to keep it real.

Ashlee has one of the most gorgeous blogs around. Pretty pictures, cute baby, lovely house. She keeps it real, too (she talked about poop this week, but promises not to ever again.) and had lovely things to say about writers vs. bloggers and our "me too" moments. I love the conversation/encouragement going on in the comments also.

I just discovered Jessica's blog, Bohemian Bowmans this week. I was especially moved by Father Fleeing. It was heart-wrenching and beautiful. Admitting the Awesome is also wonderful "when every morning you wake up and the ground is littered with provision." Oh. My. Word.

Last, but definitely not least is my friend Karen from Celebrate Life. She lives in Korea with her husband and sweet daughter, Charlotte. Karen had a really cute idea for "re-connecting" with your spouse, or really any person who is dear to you. She made cute little question cards for her and her husband to answer on their date night. The point isn't really that the cards are "needed" it was just a cute creative, thoughtful thing to do. Her photos of Korea are just magical. 


  1. Thank you for linking to me! You are always so encouraging. Loved our time at the park this week!

  2. You are so welcome! I'm glad to share you with others ;) YOU are super encouraging to me. Thanks for being my friend!

  3. You're so sweet! Thank you for including me in this!! ;)


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