Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Hullabaloo

It finally feels like fall. It's been overcast and windy and grey all day long. The kind of day that begs for hot chocolate or apple cider and fuzzy pyjamas. It's the perfect kind of day to curl up with a book or a magazine or a movie.

I've been scouring Pinterest and all my favorite online magazines for ideas on how to decorate for Halloween. Last year I opted out, but Charlotte isn't going to let that fly this year. Every time we pass a well decorated house she gets so excited and makes sure I notice all the details so "we can do it at home, too, Mommy!"

In years past we have had costume parties (that is Aaron dressed up as Jared the Subway guy), delivered Boo Bags (bags of candy and toys left on our friends porches), painted pumpkins (no one in this house likes touching pumpkin guts), decorated Ginger Bread Haunted Houses (my favorite tradition, by far), and Pumpkin Parties with lots of pumpkiny foods.

I'm thinking we will definitely be bringing back the Boo Bags, and the Haunted Houses. We, unfortunately, are stuck gutting pumpkins until the kids are old enough to do their own. Ugh.

Any gotta-do projects that we should add to our list?

 Some great reads:
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