Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keeping Me Honest

I feel like I need to do some checking in. A little accountability, if you will. I have made some lofty promises to myself and shared them with you all, so I feel like I owe you an update. I don't want anyone to think I throw these things out there and then never think about them again. Usually if I blog about something, it has probably kept me up at night.

Lofty Promise Number One
In Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, I waxed poetic about relying on the knowledge that God created us (me included) in His image.
If we are created in His image, then what I look like isn't on accident. It isn't an accident that I have hair that can't decide if it's curly or straight. My height and weight, eye color and skin color aren't an accident. My proclivity towards acne well into my 30s? Not. An. Accident. I was created in Gods image, fearfully and wonderfully as a temple for the Holy Spirit.
I was comforted by 1 Samuel 16:7, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Psalm 139:13-16 and Genesis 1:27. At the time (the end of May) I was exercising regularly, eating well and pretty fit. School let out in mid June and the fun chaos of summer began, and the healthy habits abandoned. 

My walking buddy and I used to walk while the kids were in school. Oddly enough, our children were not excited about daily six-milers. Weird. 

Sadly, I have gained, um, a few pounds since school let out. With each pound gained, my grasp on God's promises have slipped further and further to the back of my mind. Today I sit here very much needing the reminders I talked about three months ago. 

Sigh. How quickly we forget. 
Double sigh. How quickly s'mores re-attach to ones hips. 

Lofty Promise Number Two
I set out to create the habit of daily Bible reading, through She reads Truth , and had a great go at it! For twenty days. I'm not sure what happened there. We were smooth sailing and then one day we weren't. The study on Proverbs ended over the weekend and a new study has begun. The new study is Galatians, which I find just as exciting as Proverbs, so I'm going to dust of my skirt and jump back in the game. Rome was not built in a day, I will not make these habits quickly. Trust me, to my scatterbrained self, that is a worthy comparison.

Lofty Promise Number Three
It has only been a few weeks since I set out to be an encouragement to those around me in An Attitude of Encouragement, but I can see that it is going to be both easier and more difficult than I thought. Easier, because I have been asked to be a leader in our mom's group and this years theme is Encouragement (thanks, for the softball, God, we moms are frequently starved in the encouragement area). Harder because I need to not offer what I think others need and just tune into what they really need.

AKA It's not about me. Damn.

So there it is. I don't think you are going around ever wondering about this stuff, but I know that sometimes, when reading blogs regularly, I will think to myself, "Is this person for real? Do they just put this stuff out there for the heck of it?" I don't, really. Feel free to call me out on anything if you read one thing and see me acting another way. I have a bad habit of doing that sometimes. 

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  1. These are such worthy goals, Claire. You are an encouragement, I promise! As for the other two goals, well, I consider those as my "works in progress" meaning they never are things I'm GREAT at, I just keep trying. Maybe someday I will get there! I think your attitude and effort is half the battle. :)


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