Monday, September 17, 2012

I Actually Did A Pinterest Project

I have officially completed my third Pinterest project, thus making me feel like the hours I have spent on there have not been a complete waste. Not to mention the fact that I pretty much cook and bake off of Pinterest alone. Who needs cookbooks?! Cookbooks are for silly people who don't "get" Pinterest (I'm looking at you Heidi White!).*

Somewhere I had seen these frames turned white boards and thought "Oh, I am sooooo gonna do that." Actually, I pinned it, but probably never thought about it again until I saw frames clearanced to $2.98 at Target. For once in my life I remembered something useful I could do with $3 frames, though let's be honest, I probably would have bought them anyway.

Put in some purty paper, decorate the matting, write a verse, and we have ourselves a cute little memory verse board for the kiddies. I am kind of kicking myself for not thinking of making these with the mom's group at church, but oh well. Guess we'll have to have another craft day. Darn.

Lily was impressed enough with the frames that she agreed to pose in a picture. "Put it on your blog, Mom!" Her sweet little awkward smile was too adorable not to share. I love goofy kid grins so much. Except when I don't. Then it's annoying.


In the car this afternoon Lily tells me about the neighborhood kids telling scary stories when they were outside. She was asking if they were real and saying she didn't like it much.

I asked her what stories they told and she said, "Oh, Bloody Mary [Whuuuut.] and Chuckie [WHO LETS THEIR THIRD GRADER WATCH CHUCKIE!?] and a scary one about a boyfriend and girlfriend.[Ummm???]"

I try not to freak out. I tell her they aren't real, that some people like to be scared for fun, I know aren't they weird, I don't get it either. I tell her that from now if they tell stories like that she really needs to come inside and stop playing.

She was quiet most of the way home and then says in a regretful tone, "Mom, I told a scary story, too."

I'm wondering what she could have possibly said, seeing as she doesn't watch scary movies. "Oh, yeah? What story did you tell?" I ask.

"A really scary one. I told Hansel and Gretel!"

The neighbors tell and urban legends and the plot to Chuckie. My kid tells fairy tales.**

*This is to test Heidi to see if she still reads this. If she didn't she will have missed her .5 seconds of extremely minor blog fame. That'll teach her for not hanging onto my every word! ;)

*Again, if we are being honest Hansel and Gretel is probably the scariest story. I still don't know the legen of Bloody Mary, still haven't seen Chuckie and have no idea wha the last story they told was. Witches who eat children? Terrifying.


  1. HEY. People who like to be scared for fun are NOT weird. We are special.

  2. Special. Yes, that is the truth, Faithy-poo!

  3. I love your Memory Verse Board! So cool!


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