Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Day of School pt 1

We reside in a school district that is awesome and does not start school until after Labor Day, like in the good ol' days. It is wonderful. We get out a week or two later than everyone else, but it is a fair price to pay, in my opinion. Now that we are back to school, the school year routine goes back into place.

I love the picture of the kids. I cropped it out, but they are standing in front of the school sign, hence why they are squinty eyed from looking straight into the sun.  I love Tyler's pirate face and knobby knees, Lily's sweet smile, rolled up pants and dragging shoelace and Charlotte squeezing in because she was not to left out. Adorable.

Shortly after this I was waved off by my independent children, which was fine by me because there was free coffee and muffins to be had.

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