Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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My neighbors post is being featured on BlogHer Family today! Please visit me there, comment and share the post with your friends!

Here is a little excerpt:

"Last summer, in exasperation, I asked my daughter why they never play at the neighbors house (the only house they are allowed to play at), and she matter-of-factly said, "They won't let any of the kids come play, there are too many kinds and we are too messy so they say to come here."

Of course they did.

But that is what I wanted, right? I wanted to know what my kids were doing and as a bonus I now get to know what all the neighborhood kids are doing. It's annoying at times, but it is what I wanted. Want. It is what I want. I want to be the house everyone feels comfortable in and wants to hang out at. I want to be the mom bringing out snacks and juice and sidewalk chalk and is genuinely happy to have them all here."

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