Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I ♥ Sacramento {Hagen's Freeze}

First, I need to note that Hagen's Freeze isn't actually in Sacramento, it's in Carmichael, but seeing as if you live in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento you can practically walk across the street into Carmichael to Hagen's, I am going to go ahead and include them in my I ♥ Sacramento series. Plus I love their coconut freeze. A lot. A lot, a lot. And I need to tell you about it.

I also love that Hagen's is a family owned business and supports local schools and sports teams with their delicious icy, freezy, creamy, yumminess. I don't exactly know what a freeze is, (ice milk, maybe?) but I do know that I love it and that I want you to love it, too. I know there are Merlino's die-hards out there and Merlino's are good. They are the best Orange Freeze around, don't worry. But Hagen's has rootbeer, cookie dough, latte, coconut, pina colada, mint chip, blackberry, strawberry guava freeze flavors among others. Did I mention coconut? They have orange, but it ain't no Merlino's.

But that's ok, because they have coconut. 

Hagen's also makes burgers and fries and other diner/drive-in type fare, all that is quite good if you aren't willing to make a freeze your dinner and dessert. Which, of course, I always am.

This concoction would be a strawberry-guava with, you guessed it, coconut.

I am the best babysitter ever! We go swimming and then to get treats!

Hagen's Orange Freeze
2520 Walnut Ave
Carmichael, CA



  1. Right down the street from our house...and oh so delicious!


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