Thursday, July 5, 2012

Whining about Post 4th of July let-down

Anyone else experience 5th of July letdown? You spend a whole day getting sugared up, swimming, bbqing, then stay up way past your bedtime to blow things up and/or worry about your neighbours blowing things up only to wake up the next day to business as usual. To add insult to injury, the 3rd is my birthday so I'm never quite ready to end the Me-Party, making the 5th of July, easily, the most boring day of the year. That's not to say that I'm not thrilled that my neighbourhood won't sound like a war zone again for another year, but it's a letdown just the same.

Plus, my kids are in rare form today. Tired and cranky, my day started off with the heartbroken cries of my daughters who slept through the fireworks last night, thus missing all the fun. In kid-dom I think this is akin to sleeping through Halloween. Nobody wants to be the kid who sleeps through the blowing things up holiday. My kids are cranky and fighting, quite possibly in the front yard while they are supposed to be getting junk out of the car. Our house looks like a tornado hit it and even I, the most disorganized person on earth, can't stand it.

This is also the first 4th of July in recent memory that I haven’t had a really good camera. These were the only pictures that came out halfway decent, and they aren't even that good. I forgot to take a single picture of the kids in their patriotic cuteness and no pictures at the BBQ we went to. Yes, now I'm just being a whiny baby. It isn't pretty, I know, I know.

But it's 5th of July let-down.


  1. I feel the boys fought and bickeredv all day, plus he husband was working from home and so he kept jumping into it too.


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