Monday, July 23, 2012

{I ♥ Sacramento} Safetyville USA

Recently we went with some friends to Safetyville USA. I have lived here almost 20 years (a fact that baffles me in and of itself) and have never gone to Safetyville or taken my kids there. It is an adorable miniature mock up of Sacrament, complete with State Capitol, that serves to teach kids traffic safety. LOVE IT.

Safetyville offers bike nights on Thursdays and Fridays 5:30-8pm through August 24thfor FREE. Kids and parents can bring bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates etc to Safetyville and ride arounf the grounds. Kids and adults must have helmets or they won't be allowed to ride.

Do be warned, it is a little chaotic. I thought that the staff would be more attentive to making sure kids follow basic traffic safety ie: everyone "drive" on the right side, but it was actually more of a free for all than I expected. While it was pretty frustrating to be dodging wrong way riders and yelling at my kids that it didn't matter if that guy was on the wrong side, they needed to be on the right side, it was still really fun and completely worth the trip.


  1. How fun! I've lived here for 10 years and driven past the sign on the freeway and never checked it out. Did you know Cake filmed one of their music videos there?
    I think I'll have to take my girls there soon.

  2. pssst! We are going on Thursday


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