Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fresno Food Fun

The girls and I took a trip to Fresno to visit friends and pick up Tyler after his week-long adventure with them. Our friends have four boys, so when Tyler visits he is in boy heaven. Now, if you live in California you know that Fresno is, well. Fresno. It's in the Central Valley, making it hot hot hot and it's a farm/ag community, so beyond farming there isn't a ton to do there. I know there is more to Fresno than farming, and trust me I am finding it! The last time I visited, my friend, Jen, and I went to the Underground Gardens, and one of the best Mediterranean restaurants I have ever been to, Mediterranean Grill. We also hit a couple of Fresno's many thrift stores. Seriously. Fresno is a thrift store mecca. Especially if you like vintage. I bought so much stuff that I couldn't bring it all on the train home with me from that trip.

Jen and I both love to cook and when we are together wonderful things happen. If I do say so myself. She brought us to the Fresno State University Farm Store where much of the produce, dairy products, meats and canned goods that Fresno State students in their ag program produce is sold. I was immediately in heaven. There was produce, ice cream, milk, juices, jams, pizza sauce (the best I have ever tasted and without which I will never leave this town again), wine, dark chocolate cabernet covered raisins (which never made it home. Yum) olive oils, meats... Seriously, what these kids are doing is impressive.  

We bought a ton of stuff and ate suuuuper well during our visit. We made zucchini and squash tacos with FSU jalapeno sausage, FSU watermelon and FSU corn the first night and pizza with left over veggies and sausage the next night. Let me tell you, that pizza sauce is amazing!


  1. What!? That is so cool! The only thing I remember about Fresno is that it smells terrible. Seriously. It lingered in our car for ever. I felt like my nose was stuck to the end of a cow! I might change my mind about going back now.

  2. Did I forget to give you that second jar of sauce? Guess you'll have to come back & get it! I love creating in the kitchen with your spontaneous and inspiring self - you bring out the best in me & food in Fresno.


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