Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Gunther's Ice Cream}

The weather forecast for the rest of this week is in the upper 90s, so though I had planned on posting about Gunther's earlier in the summer, it clearly isn't too late. I may have to treat myself the kids to an ice cream after school one day in order to survive the heat.

Gunther's Ice Cream has been a part of my summer memories for as long as I can remember. My Grandma went there when she was in college in the 40s and my uncle worked there when he was in high school. I can remember being Lily's age (or younger maybe) playing on the window sill and wooden booths waiting for my uncle to get off of work. Everyone in the family like to volunteer to go with Grandma to pick him up from work, since the likelihood of getting an ice cream cone was close to 100%.

 Anytime we go to William Land Park it's pretty much a given that a trip to Gunthers is on the agenda. We spent the day at Funderland (write up on that another day) the last week of summer and naturally had to conclude the trip with ice cream. Aaron's and my favorite flavor is the Bittersweet Chocolate, which is always made in June for the flavor of the month.

 The kids favorite is the clown cone in any flavor. It's hard work eating ice cream.

2801 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818 
(916) 457-6646

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  1. Sacramento is not a bad place at all. It gets a bad rap mostly because its abundance of venues for entertainement, sports, food can be quite bland and unflattering compared to other cities. USA welcome the millions of foreign visitors and immigrants. I'm not saying there arent nice places or things to do in Sac, but believe me compared to a city like Seattle as an example it doesnt quite have the same sizzle image wise.

  2. I just had breakfast, but now I want dessert!


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