Friday, August 26, 2011

Pannikin Coffee & Tea; Luecadia, CA

If you ever find yourself in the small seaside community of Luecadia I hope you find time to stop in at Pannikin Coffee & Tea. It's housed in an old rail station from the Santa Fe line. The thresholds still have brass plates reading "Santa Fe" which I regrettably did not get pictures of. There's nothing like an old building to get me googling for info. built in 1888 it used to be the Encinitas station and was closed in 1969; purchased for a $1 and moved to it's current location.

In all honesty the draw here for me wasn't the coffee or tea or treats, none of which I really remember. It's the visions of Victorian ladies with parasols and trunks coming and going from seaside vacations that won me over. Apparently there are similar stations in Del Mar and Carlsbad, which clearly means we need to go on vacation again soon so I can see them.


  1. Oh what a lovely old building! I am glad someone has loved it. Looks like it was a fun place to visit!

  2. It was amazing! Def put it on your list of places to visit.


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