Thursday, August 25, 2011

Las Olsas and the Nature Center

Las Olsas, Cardiff
Our first full day in Encinitas we did so much! Besides walking downtown Encinitas, we also drove over to Leucadia and Cardiff to have lunch at Las Olsas. The restaurant was perched on the edge of a lagoon nature reserve, which we decided to check out even though Tyler objected. He felt it was too much like school to go "learn about nature".

Shells in the sidewalk. Hmm this nature center thing might not be too shabby...

San Elijo Lagoon Nature Reserve
We walked a very short trail, which was beautiful even in the grey weather. I can't imagine how magical it must be when the sun is shining. The preserve map cited several small trails and a larger loop accessible from the nature center and nearby neighborhoods and even a vista point on I-5.

Stuffed quail inside the nature center.  The kids were impressed even though they didn't want to be.
Watershed in action. Uncle Gus explains how the watershed works to Tyler. He was interested for .25 seconds, one shouldn't actually learn something in vacation, you know.. Seeing how it works in action was pretty cool though. Tyler liked it in spite of himself, though he'll deny it if you ask him.

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  1. Oh my gosh, we used to go to Los Olas all the time as used to be nothing more than a stand with paper plates, it's changed so much in the last few decades!


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