Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Always Magical

Disney certainly gives cynics plenty to be cynical about: market over-saturation, mediocre movies, high prices, large crowds, crappy pay and benefits for those who work there, etc, etc. Regardless, I still find it magical, even though I probably shouldn't. No place on earth can make our kids speechless and grin till it hurts quite like Disney. Charlotte has never been to the parks and even though we couldn't do a full Disney trip the character breakfast was perfect for her to get her first taste of the crazy delight that is Disney.

The obligatory family picture that they then tried to sell to us for $30. Insert cynical statement here _____. This is the crappy one from my camera. Naturally we all looked tan and gorgeous and thin in their version.
Pluto hugs

Can you tell Charlotte was a bit freaked by Captain Hook?

Kisses for Chip (or Dale)

Baloo. Lily enjoyed this more than anyone. She grinned the whole time and I don't think she actually ate anything!

My favorite picture of Lily. Best smile ever.

For weeks leading up to this Tyler declared he was waaaay too old and that we had to tell the characters NOT to speak to him. You can see how that turned out.

This is the part that I think overwhelmed Charlotte. Actually she was probably less overwhelmed and more confused as to why strangers were singing to her.

The cupcake makes up for the singing awkwardness.

The highlight for my daughters. Lily was adorable. Charlotte was happy to see Cinderella but maybe a little over it at this point.

Hi 5'in Mickey Michael Jordan style.

Can you totally tell my husband was humoring me at this point?

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