Wednesday, June 8, 2011

County Fair Re-cap

Usually when we go to the county fair it's just me taking the kids. This year it was especially nice going to the fair because we went on a day that Aaron could come with us.I don't mind going on my own, but it sure is nice to have him with us. That way when we see hilarious things like the poster below we can chuckle over it together.

Every year area high schools create murals that line the entrance and usually depict the theme of the fair, which this year was "Story and Magic" or something like that. There were quite a few literal interpretations (magical books) but our favorite was this one by the local all girl's high school. We chuckled over the fact that probably only an all girls school could come up with a poster that included unicorns, centaurs, mermaids and candy.

The main thoroughfare. As we walked by a martial arts club was passing and holding "real weapons" (according to Tyler). He was quite impressed.  

 It ain't the fair without the tractor races. Every year a certain miss always finds the pink one. A fight was avoided only because our other miss didn't fit on that model. Not sure we'll be able to dodge that bullet next year. *sigh*

All the kids got a chance to lasso a bull. Only Lily ended up landing it, but alas, no picture.  Instead gaze at our baby lassoing bulls in Snow White dress up shoes. Yup we let our kid for to the fair in dress up shoes.

Our brood in front of the Circus Imagination, which deserves (and will get) it's own post. It was definitely the highlight of the fair!

This clown looks reeeeeaaaly familiar...
Cake! And eggs! And canned treats!

And that, folks is the Sacramento County Fair in a very tiny nutshell.

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