Monday, March 14, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Lulu Forever} (Closed)

Lulu Forever

*Lulu forever has sadly closed since this was originally posted. :(

I love vintage clothes. Ever since I was in high school and my Granny trotted out my two aunts’ 1960s and 70s prom dresses I have been head over heels for vintage. In my high school and college days (read: skinny) it was super easy to find great vintage clothes. I still have many of the pieces I bought at thrift stores back then because  I am in denial that I may never wear them again. What does this sad sad story have to do with Lulu Forever. Well, not much other than to say that Lulu Forever stocks clothes for everyone (read: those who may wear a large or extra large). That is not to say that other vintage stores don’t, but the owner, Marayah, takes special care to have a wide range of sizes and in all sorts of things – dresses, skirts, coats, bathing suits (yeah! bathing suits!) and more. Her collection of vintage is mostly 50-70s with some pieces from the 80s and 90s that fit the 50s-70s aesthetic. In other words, she carries the kind of clothes I want to wear everyday.
Picnik collage
I was thrilled to run into Toni and Serene from Mimomito, who were there to feature Lulu Forever for their wonderful blog as well (great minds think alike, I tell ya!). Serene took the most gorgeous photos, definitely check them out. I bought the dress below (still figuring out how I want to style this one.) a great belt and went back the next day to buy a lovely hot pink 1950s era hat. As I was walking out the second trip, I found two cardigans that have my name written all over them, so suffice it to say that I love this store.
As a thank you to all my readers Marayah has offered a 5% discount to anyone who mentions “Glitter and Grunge I heart Sacramento” and an extra 5% for anyone who friends Lulu Forever on their facebook page. Their prices are beyond reasonable, so an extra 10% will create some out of this world deals!

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