Monday, February 21, 2011

I ♥ Sacramento {Pietro Talini’s Nursery}

The first thing my granny did when we bought our house was take us to the nearest nursery, which luckily for me was Pietro Talini’s Nursery. Open since 1976, Talini’s is a small family owned nursery in East Sacramento not far from where I live. Granny hoped that I would have her knack with flowers and was thrilled to buy me pallet after pallet of daises and herbs for my new yard. Sadly, that has thus far not been the case. The beautiful flowers she bought for our brand new backyard died a month later (oh you have to water everyday?) but I still find myself wandering the aisles at Talini’s every once in awhile, thinking that perhaps I’ll find a knack for gardening in between the annuals section and the fruit trees (I really want to try out a lemon tree!).

This last trip I took with my girls in tow and they eagerly looked through seed packets, choosing their favorites for me to buy them. They choose a hummingbird mix of wildflowers that I am actually kind of excited about. It would be really cool if we actually got hummingbirds in the yard. Admittedly, I mostly agreed to get the seed packets because the packaging was cute. Yes, my name is Claire and I am a sucker good packaging (Biore anyone? You know you would never have bought those nose strip things if the packing wasn’t cute!).

If you are a gardener, or not, Talini’s is a fun place to go and dream of the backyard you will create (or just wish you could).

I ♥ Sacramento {Pietro Talini’s Nursery}

5601 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95819

(916) 451-8150






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  1. I have always liked Talini's too. Another nursery I recently discovered is Green Acres at Jackson Rd and Florin (?) I can never remember if it is Florin. It is where Matsuda's use to be. There prices are comparable to the Home Depots but there selection is second to none.

  2. It's funny, I'm so cold and nestled inside because of the snow, that I can't even think about plants right now. I can't wait to see this house's gardens in the spring though...

  3. ooooh me too Sadie! I haven't seen the outside of your house (I don't think...) but knowing where it is and how old it is I can only imagine how lovely it will be!!


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