Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthdays Are Fun At Any Age

Last weekend was a big birthday weekend for our family. We finally got around to celebrating Tyler’s 7th birthday with a super small party at home. He has always wanted a party at home, but we usually take the show on the road since our house is TINY and our parties are usually HUGE. But, in the effort of granting birthday wishes (especially the easy ones) we said he could have two friends from school over for a Star Wars Lego themed playdate (For the third year in a row. I’m getting good at this.)

Picnik collage

I kinda wish I had taken a picture of what I started with – a package of Star Wars confetti, crepe paper, a color wonder marker set and a couple hanging decorations. In about 30 minutes we had a party. I got the seal of approval when Tyler got home from school, surveyed the scene and said to me, “Mom, I’m impressed. I’m reaaallly impressed.”

Picnik collage1

A few days later my whole family gathered at my Grandma’s house to celebrate her 85th birthday. It was really cute to see how happy she was to be surrounded by her family, especially when we were singing happy birthday. She grinned from ear to ear! It reminded me of my little boy, who has always given his best, happiest, biggest smiles as his family and friends sang happy birthday to him. I really think that it’s his very favorite part about birthdays. It was fun to see that, for some, it never changes!


Babies are equivalent to celebrities in my family and there were several in attendance. My poor nephew, Roman, was getting more attention than he bargained for and it seems he has inherited his parent’s shy dispositions as he kept sucking his thumb and closing his eyes to “hide” from the crowd that was gathering.  It was pathetic and awfully cute.  That worried expression was pretty much on his face all night!



Happy Birthday Tyler and Grandma!

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