Monday, June 28, 2010

Same old story here...

No time to blog...spending all our time with summer hijinx:

Listening to jams at Fairytale Town

...coloring with the big kids...

....making popcorn on the stove
(we don't own a microwave, and let me tell you
it's a big event when we make popcorn!)...
.... and engaging in water gun warfare!

This week I am (hopefully) moving my office into our kitchen nook and our kitchen table out to the office (it was originally the dining room anyway). Some major crafty purging needs to occur, so we'll see how far that project gets.


  1. Good for you! Play away!! The time really does go quickly. My baby gets married in 4 weeks.

  2. Ha! We don't have a microwave either... not since our youngest put plant fertiliser in it a couple of years ago and hit "high". Thankfully it was organic fertiliser but I can't tell you how badly the kitchen smelled after that! So stovetop popcorn for us too!!


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