Thursday, July 25, 2013

Graduation and Kids These Days

Nothing will make you feel older than going to your eighteen year old cousin's graduation party (from the same high school you did sixteen years ago). 

Nooo, nothing will make you feel older than going to your cousin's graduation party and looking though her yearbook and realizing that 1) the teachers you had in high school are getting old and 2) you are the age those same teachers were when you were in high school.

Oh my. 

It seems like yesterday that we all got together to celebrate my high school graduation, let alone my cousin Beth's graduation. It's not fair. 

Sad reflections on my age aside, there were a few highlights to the party, first an impromptu talent show complete with ballet, interpretive dance and beat boxing, because, duh, awesome. 

The second is when my cute little old man son went to my cute little old man uncle and showed him that he was wearing his "Uncle Joe shirt". The look on my uncle's face when Tyler told him that his "Uncle Joe shirt" was his very favorite ever was absolutely priceless. What made it even better was that, in true Uncle Joe form, he too, was wearing an Uncle Joe shirt so obviously we needed to get a picture. 

Last, my cousins are fabulous at planning impromptu field games. After a half an hour or so the littles were bugging all their parents to entertain them. As the bossiest person oldest cousin in the room, I demanded asked my younger cousins to organize some fun for all the littles. They played a sweet round of Red Rover that reminded me why it isn't allowed on playgrounds anymore and why most of our kids are wussies these days.

Dang I am old.

The happy graduate. 2013! 

MEAT. I am a selective vegetarian, and ate this. Delish.

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