Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Little Reader Update

So you all have been wondering how it turned out with Lily and her reading? You've been on pins and needles and unable to sleep until I updated you? You have been wondering if there is going to be an ice cream party??

Of course there is going to be an ice cream party! No matter the outcome we were going to celebrate the hard work with ice cream and friends and love. We didn't meet the ultimate goal that the school was looking for, which is a disappointment, but Lily made some huge strides and is officially a reader. She is slow, but steady.

We decided to move Lily forward in school. The school will reevaluate her 9 weeks into the school year and see how she has progressed. They were kind enough to tell me who her teacher would be next year, so I met with the second grade teacher and her current teacher and we talked about specific things to work on over the summer, they gave me books for her to read and worksheets to work on to prepare. We are set and it's going to be great. Thankfully, she is pretty excited about continuing her school work over the summer.

Last night, Lily read the instructions on a cake mix and made her whole class cupcakes in celebration of her teacher's birthday. She read and measured and mixed all by herself. Apart from the reading, I was pretty impressed by how well she did on her first entirely solo cooking adventure. Like my mother in law said, I better move over in the kitchen!

Today, we pulled out some cookbooks that I had as a kid, Holly Hobbie's CookbookMickey Mouse CookbookThe New Junior Cookbook and looked through them, marking all of the recipes Lily wants to try to make over the summer. At seven, I've decided she is plenty old enough to learn how to cook; after last night's performance, she is good and ready. Reading the recipes and figuring all the measurements won't hurt, either.

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